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Tech - Colour me up!

Just read about the Google Blogger Dynamic Views. It is about changing the look and feel of a blog with new templates. I think blogging just became a whole lot more eye candy! For now the templates are simple and do not offer a lot of customizations, so a lot of my old clutter is gone. I like all the new templates. I have enabled the 'Magazine' template as default on this site now. Of course the readers can modify the layout (on the top left menu) to what they like. For those who are technically inclined, welcome to the world of HTML5. I think in the past few years we have seen a lot of hype around mobile apps, now looks like slowly HTML5 is gaining  momentum. The advantage of course being that you don't have to keep building separate apps for each mobile platform. I tried this site on the iPad, but currently it looks like only the desktop browsers are supported for now. On the mobiles, this site is set for simplified a mobile experience. I have chosen dark theme for

Tech - What about data?

There has been a flurry of news and coverage on Amazon's new devices and services. We have Amazon entering the tablet market with Kindle Fire, as it has been speculated for quite some time now. It's interesting to see how they are subsidizing the tablet to lock in customers to TV shows and movies from Amazon Prime. It poses a direct threat to the likes of netflix, blinkbox. I suppose watch this space as competition hots up in the online digital media segment. In the long term, going to a multiplex may be as rare as visiting the west end for theatre. One of the features being touted on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is the 'Silk' browser. Silk uses the Amazon cloud to speed up the browsing, which is great. It's similar to Opera Mini and SkyFire in that sense. I suppose the key is that there are many websites hosted on Amazon cloud, making the browsing that much faster.  However, on the down side, it raises privacy concerns for the customers. By and large