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Tech - Nine Windows of Architecture

The world at large has been going through a phase of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). Some say that this is the new "normal". Although, this term was initially coined by the US Army War College, it applies to the world of business and markets as well. As a result, the VUCA conditions impose more strain on IT departments to deliver solutions that are sustainable and flexible. There are several structured techniques one can employ to manage this scenario. One of the techniques is called - "Nine Windows". This technique looks at two dimensions - time and space. The time represented as past, present and future. The space dimension is modelled as - super system, system and sub system. Nine Windows As an IT architect, a lot of my time is spent working with teams on solution architecture and implementation. Sometimes, when there are several or competing options available, I use this technique. Typically, there is a tendency to focus

Cups of joy

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well." ~Virginia Woolf Cupcakes made by my co-conspirators and me. One of the recent trends all over the world has been the popularity of cupcakes.  I suppose people are becoming more health and wallet concious. Added to that is the creativity from the deli and patisserie establishments. I have found baking always a bit tricky because one doesn't often have a chance to course-correct if there are any mistakes in the cooking. You get to see the results only at the end. So far, my attempts at baking have been hit-and-miss. So, I thought of giving a bakery class a shot. I went for a weekend class at Spoonful of Sugar in Bangalore .  If you are in Bangalore, you should give this class a go. Chef Yuvna Damani took us through all the steps in making the cupcakes and the icing. All the participants then had to make their own too. We made vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes with various icing o