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Now you can see me

Overview  As customers, we shop with various brands (i.e. labels, retailers and ecommerce marketplaces). Once, we grow comfortable with certain bands, we tend to interact more frequently with them. In today's channel-less world, this interaction takes various forms - visiting stores, following the social media updates for inspiration, searching/browsing online in the apps and last but not the least talking to customer service. However, despite all the "breadcrumbs" we leave behind with the brand, the experience often leaves us wanting more. On the other hand, brands are increasingly wanting to know and understand about their customers. Various attempts are made at "personalizing" the experience. This is mainly along three pillars below - Elevating service in physical touchpoints such as stores Loyalty programs to incentivize repeat purchases Seeking out patterns in data from products, services, channels and customers Out of the the above 3, #1 and #2 can be expe