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Adventures with Raspberry Pi - Part 3

Continuing from the previous post , lets now build a Chatbot on the Raspberry Pi. If we have some digital media such as music, movies etc. stored in a media server on the Pi, these can be accessed using a Chatbot too. I have used Telegram to build the bot. The Telegram app is available for all platforms - iOS, Android, Web etc. Using the funnily named BotFather from Telegram, anyone can create a Bot account. Once the account is created, the "brain" of the Chatbot needs to be implemented using a programming language and framework. I have use the python based  chatterbot  framework to create a bot called - Frasier (named after the TV Series). The bot in turn interacts with the Plex Media Server API's to search and download the requested media such as a song, TV show or a movie. Telegram currently allows files up to 1.5 GB to be shared via the app. Telegram App in an iPhone requesting a song from a Chatbot running on a Raspberry Pi In the screenshot above, th