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An Austin State of Mind

Earlier this year, my wife and I visited America for the first time. The first pit stop was to meet family and friends in Chicago. Some of my initial impressions were as expected - big roads, bigger cars, even bigger skyscrapers and you get the big picture. No puns there! 
And then, we landed in Austin. As soon as stepped into Bergstorm Airport, the first sight that greeted me was the "Keep Austin Weird" t-shirts. Cities often try to project a polished or aspirational side to themselves, and here was a city unabashedly celebrating it's quirkiness. Then, there was the country music blaring in the airport, not some manufactured pop. Austin is known as the 'live music' capital of the world, there are  several live shows daily. I was already warming up to the city. Who says first impressions don't count.
Over the next few days, we stayed with family near Round Rock. As we drove around the city and suburbs, we got a feel for more of it's character. South Congr…

Banana Spread

Banana Spread Bananas are probably the favourite fruit for most people, I am no exception. I had a few bananas going very ripe, so I had whip up something quickly with them. Here is an easy recipe to make a spread out of bananas.
Contributed by Rajan Manickavasagam.
Published 12. July 2012

Ingredients2 ripe bananas1 teaspoon cinnamon powder3 peeled cardamoms2 tablespoon honey InstructionsRemove the seeds from the cardamom pod.Add all the ingredients and mash them using a hand blender.Ensure that the mash has a thick spread like consistency.Refrigerate the spread overnight.The spread can be used as a topping for bread, pancakes, cornflakes, oats or ice cream. Happy eating. Further details Serves 3-4 people. Preparation time is approximately 5 min. Cooking time is approximately 5 min.

Tech - Search: Curation versus Algorithm

For those who remember the early days of the internet, they will be familiar with the free web hosting sites like Geocities. Before Geocities was taken offline, it's content was archived and is now available for download as a 650 GB torrent. While this seems like a large amount of data, it is estimated that around 2,551,568,697 GB data per day was created in 2011! While the earlier days of the internet were largely image and text based content, data today is in the form of images, text, social media posts, videos, businesses, services and user generated content.
All this only increases our dependency on search engines. More than the challenge of indexing all the data, search engines are starting to grapple with relevancy of results. The added complication is that some of the social media and other sites are not publicly available to be indexed. The two main search engines - Google and Bing seem to be taking markedly different approaches. Fundamentally, the approach is relying on e…