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Tech - Doin it Right

I recently participated in a Hackathon organized at my company. While, I am not at liberty to tell what the hack was, I can share the experience though. We all usually have ideas brimming about how we could improve or change things. A lot of times, one does not get the time to act on those ideas. Sometimes, these ideas require time, people, resources, money etc.  Our Hackathon got off to a great start with music by Daft Punk - 'Doin it Right'. It certainly set the tempo. Focus It is easy to get carried away with the ideas. Learn to focus on the idea. Once, you have something in mind, explore it in more detail and flesh it out. Bounce the idea around with different people to get various perspectives. Perhaps, you may fall in love with the it or just drop it. If you must, fail quickly and learn from it. Team Unless, you are planning to go it solo, get a great team. Ensure that there are diverse skills, experiences, even temperaments. The most fun you will ha