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Adventures with Raspberry Pi - Part 4

As we saw in the previous post , we now have Raspberry Pi server setup and integrated with multiple mobile devices successfully, let's try a more complex integration. API's have become the de-facto standard for communicating between devices. But, if we also wanted to implement any logic, data transformation, loose coupling between devices, then we could use an ESB. One can think of the Mule ESB as another form of IFTTT. We can use the multiple connectors to link  up different kinds of devices, services and applications.  Let's two kinds of integrations - event driven and batch. Event Driven In this example, a service pushes data to the Raspberry Pi. Event Driven Flow I am using Anypoint Studio 7 and Mule Runtime 4. A mockup product API is created in the Mule project. This API is exposed as a REST API with a GET operation. When someone calls the API, the Mule flow is executed. In the Mule flow, the data is read from the API and sent via SFTP to a targ