Meta Prompting for Success

Meta Prompt 

Regardless of the Generative AI model used, sometimes the model may refuse to provide a response for a valid prompt. Often the reasons cited are - "I don't know", "I am not trained for the task", "violation of safety/responsible/ethical guardrails". This is sometimes more acutely felt when using Generative AI models for creating images. Overcoming this behavior can be frustrating and time consuming.

An approach is to ask the AI model itself to generate prompts so that the prose and nuances of prompting are aligned with how the AI model has been built. This is called meta-prompting. The theory is that the prompts created by the AI model would have better chance of working.

Let's dive in to see if and how this meta-prompting works in Gemini

How to Create a Meta Prompt

As with all good prompts, start with a persona/situation that describes the overall context. Next, describe the task in detail. In this case, it is about creating some sample prompts/templates. Depending on the context, provide detailed steps to create the prompts. Goal describes how these prompts are going to be used next. Output is to reiterate the goal in terms of formats and structure.

A Sample Meta Prompt

I am an entrepreneur running an executive coaching organization. 

Task - I want you to create 3-5 sample prompts that I can use with you to create marketing images. 

Steps - To complete this task, please give me example prompts that are safe and responsible. The prompts should be reusable for various scenarios. 

Goal - Prompts that will successfully create images 

Output - Clear prompts that will work

Gemini Draft Response 1

5 Safe and Reusable Prompts for Your Executive Coaching Marketing Images:

1. Focus on the Impact:

  • Prompt: A diverse group of confident executives standing tall in a modern, sunlit office, radiating success and achievement. Include subtle coaching elements like books or diagrams in the background. (Style: Photorealistic)
  • Variations: Change the setting, ethnicity of the executives, or add specific coaching tools relevant to your services.

2. Highlight the Transformation:

  • Prompt: Two executives, before and after coaching, standing side-by-side. The "before" version appears stressed and overwhelmed, while the "after" version exudes confidence and calm. (Style: Minimalist illustration)
  • Variations: Show a single executive transforming, or use different visual metaphors for transformation, like climbing a mountain or emerging from a chrysalis.

3. Capture the Human Connection:

  • Prompt: A coach and client in a warm, inviting setting, engaged in a deep and supportive conversation. Focus on the trust and connection between them. (Style: Soft, painterly)
  • Variations: Change the setting, gender, or age of the coach and client. Add props like a whiteboard or coaching cards to enhance the context.

4. Showcase Expertise and Authority:

  • Prompt: A coach standing on stage, confidently delivering a keynote presentation to a captivated audience. Project a slide with your company logo and tagline in the background. (Style: Dynamic, high-contrast)
  • Variations: Change the presentation setting, focus on the coach writing a book, or feature them holding an award.

5. Evoke Emotions and Aspirations:

  • Prompt: A panoramic view of a cityscape at sunrise, symbolizing the potential and growth unlocked through executive coaching. Include subtle coaching metaphors like a compass or a ladder. (Style: Dreamlike, evocative)
  • Variations: Use different landscapes, motivational quotes, or symbolic objects that resonate with your target audience.

Bonus Tip: Include your company logo, tagline, or website URL discreetly within the image for branding purposes.

Remember, these are just starting points. Feel free to experiment and personalize the prompts further based on your specific brand identity and target audience.

I hope these prompts help you create impactful images for your executive coaching marketing!

Executing Prompts

Prompt 1

Prompt 2

Prompt 3

Prompt 4

Prompt 5

Gemini Draft Response 2

3 Sample Prompts for Marketing Images (Executive Coaching):

1. Concept-Driven:

  • A diverse group of executives gathered around a table in a bright, modern office, engaged in a collaborative brainstorming session. Sunlight streams through the windows, highlighting their focused expressions and positive body language. The image conveys the power of coaching in fostering teamwork and leadership growth. (Style: Photorealistic, Mood: Uplifting, Colors: Light and airy)

2. Specific Service Highlight:

  • A close-up shot of hands holding a notebook with a handwritten list of goals and achievements. A coach's hand rests gently on top, offering guidance and support. The image focuses on the personalized approach of your coaching and the tangible results it brings. (Style: Photorealistic, Focus: Hands and notebook, Colors: Neutral tones)

3. Problem-Solution:

  • A split image with one side showing a stressed executive overwhelmed by work and challenges. The other side shows the same executive relaxed and focused, exuding confidence. The image emphasizes the transformative power of coaching in overcoming obstacles and achieving success. (Style: Minimalistic, Layout: Split image, Colors: Contrasting tones)

4. Bonus Tip:

  • Remember to adjust the prompts based on your specific target audience and branding.
  • Provide additional details to the prompts for more specific results, like clothing styles, office settings, or specific goals being discussed.
  • Experiment with different styles and moods to find what resonates best with your audience.

By using these prompts as a starting point, you can create high-quality marketing images that effectively capture the essence of your executive coaching services and attract your ideal clients.

Executing Prompts

Prompt 1

Prompt 2

Prompt 3


Not only is the primary purpose of generating images met, in addition there interesting cues that are provided in the Gemini response -

  1. There is a 100% success rate of all the prompts successfully creating the images. 
  2. Potential objectives that the images/content could help with. These are things like - impact, human connection, highlighting service, transformation and so on.
  3. Lots of hints on how to further "style" the image in terms of illustration, setting, scenes, color, contrast and tone.
  4. Additional tips to further customize the prompts to generate more contextual images.
  5. The prompts generated act as a diverse set of templates that can further be fine tuned by the users to get the more desired results.
  6. While this post showed the example from Gemini, a similar approach can be used when building enterprise apps using Gemini models in Google Cloud Vertex AI platform.

Forget prompt engineering, now start meta-prompting!


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