Winds of change

Sekhmet, the daughter of the powerful Egyptian god Ra is known as the protector of good and destroyer of evil. According to mythology, blazing desert winds are supposed to radiate from her body.

A sudden gust of wind seems to be sweeping across the middle east.

First was the swift "jasmine revolution" which caused a change of the ruling government in Tunisia. Political commentators were quick to note that there was a potential for the change to sweep across the middle east. Looks like change is imminent in Egypt (at the time of writing the blog). It now remains to be seen, what will be the effect on the remaining countries. So sudden has the change been that some of the major countries have not had a chance to respond.

There are some people who have attributed these changes to the latest avatar of the internet namely, social networking and all. But, I think at the most, the internet and increased communication has a marginal impact.

The real reason seems to be that the people all over the world are pragmatic. People are caught up in the every day humdrum of work, family, etc. Irrespective of the form of government or politics, as long as the basic needs of the people are met, the status quo continues. Beyond a point of time, if things don't improve, then the bells start tolling.

Already, the geo-political realities for the last few years, have been moving towards a multi-polar world. Looks like there will be some more fragmentation and realignment of interests. These latest developments in the middle east are sure to have ripples far beyond the region.

After a long time, in the middle east, winds of change have arrived. How much will they change remains to be seen. Hopefully, it is better for the people.


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