Hell hath no fury

Nature has often been quoted as a an ally of Japan. The most famous instance being the "kamikaze" or "divine wind". When Japan was threatened by Mongol invasion in the 12th century, typhoons destroyed the invading naval armada and saved Japan.

But, yesterday Japan was a victim of a nature's fury and power. It suffered from one of the deadliest earthquakes and tsunami. This tsunami is several times bigger than the one that hit the Indian ocean in 2004.

While the exact reasons or cause for the earthquake and tsunami are being worked out, The world is already aware of the massive scale of destruction. The japanese people are one of the most prepared against such natural disasters. But, in this case, it may be too much to bear for them too. To see a 20-30 foot high wave travelling at 500 km / hr must be terrifying. As seen on TV screens around the world, it looked like a scene out of the movie - 2012.

Hopefully, much of the damage can be repaired soon and the loss of life is as less as possible. If you are interested in donating for the relief operations, please visit this website - Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief.

Update (20-Mar-2011): The threat of a nuclear meltdown now looms large over Japan and the rest of the Asia-Pacific.

Update (03-Oct-2011): I thought it makes sense to post another update given my last gloom and doom one! As we all know, the recovery is under way in Japan but at a huge cost both to the people and the economy. And, let's hope it continues to get better.


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