The true independence day

All countries celebrate an independence or a national day. The week went by with India celebrating yet another independence day, it's 65th. 

Flags were flying on all the roads and vehicles. Patriotic music blaring from the speakers in apartment complexes (and this from people who look down on poor people doing the same). All of this contrasted with people of the north east fleeing from cities back to their home state because of some rumours. The irony could not be any more stark. Some Indians did not have the freedom even to live, work and study in their own country.

Today, more and more people live in countries and cultures away from their own. And that is leading to a growing appreciation and tolerance of different communities, cultures, people, languages, customs and even food. As an old tamil poet once said "All the people are my people and all the villages I consider as my own".

It is probably a utopian dream. True freedom for all is - freedom from injustice, freedom from fear, freedom from prejudice and freedom from poverty. And when that is achieved, not just in India but the world over, it is a day worth celebrating.

Until then, as the poet Robert Frost said "I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep".  


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