How to create a big picture

Typically, you need wide view or fisheye lenses to capture a panoramic picture. An alternate method (though may not give the same quality) is to use software to create a panoramic image.

There are several software available which you can use to create a panoramic image. The concept is called - "stitching". Some of the software available are - PTGui, Panavue, PAX-it, AutoStitch and so on. I sometimes use AutoStitch to create the panoramas since I have a 50mm lens for now.

Each of these software vary in price and features. The added advantage is that you can take the pictures using any kind of camera - digital, phone or SLR.

1. Visualize the picture you want to take.

2. Use your camera and "divide" your image into rows and columns. An example being - 2 rows and 5 columns.

3. Take 10 pictures to cover your entire image.

4. Use any of the software to "stitch" them together.

Here is an example of a panorama created using AutoStitch. I took 8 (2 rows x 4 columns) pictures and combined them together to form this picture.

Picture created using AutoStitch


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