Tech - These will help you cook

For all you foodies out there, here are a couple of great ways to find recipes you are looking for. There is a beta site - Foodily.

It's a great a new approach. You can use this site to search various food sites. So, when you search for apple, it shows you all the apple related recipes from all the sites. You can then filter the recipes based on ingredients or sites etc.

Having said that, it looks like Foodily is stepping into "search engine" territory. All the indexing and searching that Foodily is doing, someone like a Google can do better. If you want, you can try the Food Recipe search engine that I created using Google custom search here. The user interface will not be as great as Foodily, but I suspect a Google would give more accurate or relevant results.

In the "general" search engine space, it is pretty much competition between Google and Bing. It will be interesting to see if either of them ventures into what I call "applied" search. Search engines which are customised for a specific purpose like food, shopping, health, education, news etc.

If you try the above searches, I would like to hear your feedback on which one you like.


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